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Meet Dr. Felitti

Vincent J. Felitti, MD is the Director and founder of the Institutes. Dr. Felitti founded the Department of Preventive Medicine for Kaiser Permanente in San Diego 26 years ago, and served as Chief of Preventive Medicine until March 2001.

Under his leadership, the Health Appraisal Division of the Department of Preventive Medicine provided Comprehensive Medical Evaluation to over 1,000,000 (one million) persons.

During Dr. Felitti's career, the health risk abatement programs expanded from three (weight loss, smoking cessation and stress management) to a wide range of cutting-edge risk abatement programs offered to over 1,000 patients per month at one facility.

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To read Dr. Felitti's answers to your questions about CAIPM, see below.

  1. What is California Institutes of Preventive Medicine?

    California Institutes of Preventive Medicine (CAIPM) is a non-profit medical corporation founded to improve the physical and emotional health of Californians by making preventive medicine widely available to all residents of the State regardless of social, economic, and language barriers.

  2. How does it work?

    Prevention begins by knowing your patient. CAIPM integrates comprehensive medical information with extensive laboratory studies and detailed physical examination to determine the current health status and future health risks of an individual. Recent technological advances have shown how to do that affordably, in great depth, and to store the information so people can see their progress over time.

  3. What does it hope to accomplish?

    We plan to improve the physical and emotional health of Californians by making preventive medicine available to everyone and make it the basis of their health care.

  4. What has been learned from evaluating and treating one million patients?

    • An extensive and well-devised medical questionnaire is critical to getting the comprehensive information needed for effective medical care.
    • Some generally undetected disorders are quite common: for example depression and abusive childhood experiences.
    • These two examples are common denominators underlying many chronic medical problems later in life.
    • The Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACE, Study showed that there is a powerful link between adverse childhood experiences and adult health state decades later.

  5. What is the significance of the California Institutes of Preventive Medicine approach to individual medical care?

    The CAIPM approach routinely provides a comprehensive medical evaluation of every person. Without that kind of information, we are likely to treat the smoke, but not the fire, by dealing only with the presenting symptom and not understanding the context in which it occurs. The CAIPM approach improves medical care by providing a platform of comprehensive information upon which to base primary care, allowing a physician to recognize underlying causes and deal with them.

  6. Why is California Institutes of Preventive Medicine needed?

    CAIPM is needed because high quality preventive medicine services need to be available to all Californians, regardless of language and economic barriers.

  7. How will it improve medical care? CAIPM helps patients see the root causes of diseases they already have or are likely to get. By helping patients understand their overall health, they can become their own advocates for change. CAIPM will provide widespread access to preventive measures and to risk abatement.

  8. Who will be helped?

    • Individuals, because if they are to improve their health, it is they who must initiate change. This is difficult to do on one's own and hence the importance of our risk abatement programs in helping them.
    • Physicians, by making available comprehensive medical information available to them at the outset of patient care.
    • Companies, by reducing time lost from work
    • Government and insurers, by reducing costs of medical care.
California Institutes of Preventive Medicine is a better way to deliver health care.

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